Board of Directors & Staff

The Letterwinners M Club strives to perpetuate the Michigan tradition by promoting the excellence and leadership of the University of Michigan athletic program, and by fostering enduring relationships among all those who have earned a varsity letter at Michigan.  Since the Letterwinners M Club was formed in 1913 it has been run by an all-volunteer board of former varsity student-athletes who donate both time and talent.  The 2017-2018 Board of Directors is as follows:

Amy Stevens, President
Vacant, Vice President
Lindsey Gallo, Treasurer
Sharon Seyferth, Secretary


Nick Alexander
Joe Denay
David Harlock
Jeanne Hess
Ali Husain
Dominic Jamett
Erik Knuth
Chris Matsos
Jeannette Stawski
Debbie Stephens
Chris Stowe
Bridget Venturi-Veneema

Members At-Large

Zach Nagelvort

Warde Manuel, Athletic Director
Mary Katherine McNamera, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Andy Matthews, Past President
Bob Stites, Past President
Mary Petrovich, Past President
Dan Sygar, Past President
Mike Amine, Past President
Marty Maugh, Past President

Administrative Assistant
Lorin Cartwright

The Board of Directors of the Letterwinners M Club may be up to eighteen in number but no less than eleven.  Directors are elected annually by the Board at their May meeting, and each holds office for up to three 2-year terms.  The five immediate past Presidents, the Athletic Director, and current President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) are ex-officio members on the Board.  If you are a Letterwinner with the time, energy, and passion to make the Letterwinners M Club better than ever, you are encouraged to submit an application for consideration in the spring!

Volunteer Application

Monthly meetings and held from 6-8:00pm ET in the M Room at the Richard L. Postma Family Clubhouse.  Further hands-on, board activity support of 6-8 hours per month should be expected.  Members-at-large are non-voting members of the board, however, the position is the first step to becoming a full board member.