Honorary M

An Honorary M is presented to those who have not earned a varsity letter but have demonstrated outstanding service to the University of Michigan and/or its Athletic Department.  This award grants honorees the opportunity to join the Letterwinners M Club.

A nomination form can be found Here.

Deadline for 2023 nominations is March 3, 2023.

2021 Honorary M
Historically, the M Club Board of Directors receives one or two letters of recommendation on behalf of an Honorary M nominee. This year the board heard from multiple former hockey players and even Coach Red Berenson. They described David Linebaugh as a “tireless, loyal, willing supporter” who’s kindness and hospitality has forged lifelong friendships with Michigan hockey alumni. Citing his dedication to Michigan Athletics, Dave had a team of lobbyists on his side with fond memories of home cooked meals, Michigan Hockey history lessons, and laughter around the hotdog grill at alumni golf outings.  

A lifelong fan of both hockey and the University of Michigan, Dave grew up just east of Ann Arbor honing his pond hockey skills as a goalie in the flooded fields near Wiard’s Orchard in Ypsilanti. In 1973, when Michigan Athletics converted Yost Fieldhouse to Yost Ice Arena, a friend offered Dave and his wife, Dorothy, tickets to a game and they were immediately hooked. They became active Dekers Club members with Dave eventually serving as President in the 1990s.

Dave’s path to the M Club’s 2021 Honorary M award began by being in the right place at the right time with a willingness to help. Sitting at a game in Yost in December 1986 he noticed that Glen Williams, the arena announcer, was alone; there was no-one running either penalty box. In between periods Dave stopped by to say hello and asked Glen if he could use some help. The answer was “Yes, please!” so Dave recruited fellow Deker Chuck Minthorn to run one box and he stepped in to run the other. Little did Dave know that one act of kindness would earn him excessive minutes in the sin bin. Since that night in 1986 he estimates that he has only missed 12 Michigan home games in Yost, and he has not only tended the penalty box, but also did some announcing or ran the score clock. A valuable behind the scenes contributor, Dave’s willingness to do any job necessary has kept game days at Yost running smoothly. 
In 2013, when Yost was under construction, the Michigan Baseball program was looking for help. With the construction equipment in the parking lot between the facilities it was unsafe for the kids who normally chased foul balls down the third base line. In stepped Dave – as official Third Base Foul Ball Retriever. Much like the hockey program, Dave’s reliability and generous spirit had an immediate impact. Since then, he has spent his ‘off season’ time around the ball diamond, currently serving in a clubhouse attendant capacity. 

The definition of an Honorary M is someone who has “demonstrated outstanding service to the University of Michigan and/or its Athletic Department.”   Dave’s more than 40 years of combined service between the two programs has certainly exceeded that requirement.