Honorary M

An Honorary M is presented to those who have not earned a varsity letter but have demonstrated outstanding service to the University of Michigan and/or its Athletic Department.  This award grants honorees the opportunity to join the Letterwinners M Club.

If you would like to nominate someone for an Honorary M, please email the Letterwinners M Club at letterwinnersmclub@umich.edu or call (734) 936-0831.
Deadline for 2021 nominations is March 31, 2021.

2020 Honorary M
Many of those on the Honorary M historical list have served Michigan Athletics from inside the department.  Our 2020 Honorary M recipient has taken the idea of ‘working on the inside’ very literally.  Dr. Kim Eagle, MD, has been a dedicated Michigan physician, providing lifesaving service to Michigan athletes and coaches for years.  Most notably, Dr. Eagle was Coach Bo Schembechler’s cardiologist and a big reason Bo survived cardiac disease for 38 years in a less than sedentary job.  Their relationship crossed the professional line to friendship; while Bo learned about cardiac care, Dr. Eagle was educated in the selflessness of “The Team, The Team, The Team.”  He continues to employ that team spirit with every patient he treats.
The relationship between these two men helped bring cardiac care to the public forum.  From being part of the team that created the UMHS Frankel Cardiovascular Center, to serving as Director of that center, to co-authoring a book with Bo, The Heart of a Champion, Dr. Eagle has empowered Wolverine fans, athletes, and coaches with cardiac intervention.  When notified of his honor Dr. Eagle let us know: “I am so excited!  I’m sure Bo will get a chuckle in heaven when he sees his cardiologist strutting around in an M Jacket!”