The Letterwinners M Club

Since it was first awarded in 1864, a varsity letter earned at the University of Michigan
has been one of the most prestigious honors in collegiate athletics. 

Your connection to Michigan lasts much longer than your time on campus.
When you earn a varsity M you also earn a lifelong membership in the Letterwinners family.  

The Letter Jacket

Our Purpose
  To build a unified community of Letterwinners serving each other
to sustain the excellence and leadership of Michigan Athletics. 

Our Vision
To be the enduring, unifying community for all Letterwinners,
living enriched lives, serving each other and Michigan Athletics

Our Guiding Principles

We are responsible and ethical stewards who build trust by executing our commitments in the spirit of the Leaders and Best
One team of Letterwinners embracing the commonalities that bind us and respecting the diversity that strengthens us.

We are one team working together to mobilize and amplify our assets.
              As Leaders and Best, our excellence comes from honoring the past, celebrating the present, 
and sustaining the future of the Letterwinners M Club

The Letterwinners M Club is exclusively for former U-M student-athletes who have earned a varsity athletic letter.  
If you are a U-M Letterwinner and do not have a login or are not receiving Club communications,
please contact the Letterwinners M Club at